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Vision Art Workshop

Hapag-Lloyd Japan 02

In April 2022, members of Hapag-Lloyd Japan gathered for a workshop to discuss their vision for the company. During the workshop, participants discussed what kind of organization they wanted to be and the important values to prioritize. All of the participants took these discussion topics and keywords, and expressed what was discussed in the form of a collage artwork piece. From there, artist Ryoko Utsunomiya took inspiration from everyone’s artwork to create a Vision Wall under the direction of TokyoDex.

Motifs sketched by participants during the workshop and integrated into the artwork include hands representing cooperation of people from around the world, rain and a rainbow symbolizing willingness to take on challenges in any situation, a flying whale for freedom of thought, the commitment to an environmentally friendly business depicted through greenery, and the Hapag-Lloyd ship with wings mirroring their determination to continue to soar worldwide.


Sumitomo Realty Fukuoka Hanzomon Building


June 2022


Ryoko Utsunomiya

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