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Office Art

Global Tech Company

In June 2022, TokyoDex finished a project for a global tech company to transform hallways into one-of-a-kind art experiences. We worked with Mika Kamijyo, Maharo, Kazu Tabu, Chad Feyen, Tadaomi Shibuya, Kohei Kyomori, Hokuto Ichibayashi and Erica Ward to create installations to match the specific themes of each floor.

The key for this installation was to create a tunnel-like effect along the long corridor. Every installation spans four planes; three walls and the carpet. As employees pass through the tunnel, they are transported into a world of imagination seen from the eyes of the artist. In one work they see through a boy’s hands or into a futuristic utopia, in another they find themselves under a ginkgo tree where cities and birds intertwine amidst the branches. Across eight floors, the artwork functions as an architectural element that serves to break up the line of sight in these long hallways and bring immersive art into casual walks around the office.




June 2022


Mika Kamijyo、Maharo、Kazu Tabu 、Chad Feyen、Tadaomi Shibuya、Kohei Kyomori 、 Hokuto Ichibayashi、Erica Ward

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