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Office Art

Global Pharmaceutical Company Kobe Research Center

For the renewal of the Kobe Research Institute of a global pharmaceutical company, TokyoDex engaged Mariya Suzuki to create artwork that seamlessly blends the vibrancy of Kobe City with the charming beauty of a German city. It's a true work of art that transports visitors to a captivating realm where two cultures come together in perfect harmony. To further enhance the experience, our team proposed the installation of film and acrylic panels to utilize the light boxes at the entrance. The artwork on the acrylic panels feature red roofs, castles, and towers that are characteristic of German cities while the work on the glass panels showcases the iconic cityscape of Kobe including the Rokko cable car, Meriken Park, Ijinkan, and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. As you move to the right, the landscape gradually transforms into a German, taking visitors on a journey that's visually captivating.




Dec 2022


Mariya Suzuki

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