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Office Art

Global Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical company, whose core company values prioritize diversity and inclusion, wanted to renovate their office to create a space that reflects these principles and encourages communication and collaboration. Towards that end, TokyoDex was brought on board to add artistic touches to five carefully designed spaces in the office with the help of four artists working in distinctly different styles.

Artist Gerutama’s works are playful and full of color, integrating expansive energy akin to chemical reactions and glimmering excitement for future opportunities. Designed to welcome guests and partners, the two adjoining meeting rooms she painted are connected by a single stream, symbolizing the company’s pioneering spirit and continuing growth.

KASHIHARA SHINPEI’s work was created to show gratitude to all health care workers and to create a calm space for visitors and employees in the reception area. It was our first time incorporating such detailed print work onto glass, and the finished work is not only aesthetically beautiful but also serves to create privacy in the booths.

Michinori Maru’s work adds a Japanese flare, with a two-part mural depicting the four seasons seen from the inside of a tea garden. The work taps into tranquility and a bit of quirky fun, beautifully transforming the cafe space with his colorful touches.

Mariya Suzuki’s work fuses Tokyo and the birthplace of the pharmaceutical company in Europe. The contrast between the European scenery with lush greenery with the fiercely urban buildings of Tokyo is captivating yet soothing, perfect for the boardroom.

It was both a challenging and rewarding project for us to bring in four different artists and their distinctive styles into the new office filled with deliberate and inclusive transformations.




Apr 2021


Gerutama, KASHIHARA SHINPEI, Michinori Maru, Mariya Suzuki

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