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Office Art

GREE, Inc. 3F

TokyoDex worked with an international team of artists on a project for the GREE office's third floor space, creating an atmosphere that is a blend of east and west. Titifreak brought his unique São Paulo street styles while Alexandre Osmoze Brakha adds a more edgy European vibe. American illustrator Erica Ward provides a tormented look into the future where man and machine have merged, while Japanese artist MAHARO uses his signature imagery and original alphabet to create curious storefront-like signs with a distinct Asian flair. Neon accents from Harawata Chunko complete the cosmopolitan melange.


Roppongi Hills Gate Tower


Dec 2022


TitiFreak,Alexandre Osmoze Brakha, Erica Ward, MAHARO,Harawata Chunko

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