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Office Art

Fuji Business

Fuji Business is a company that focuses on improving efficiency and productivity when creating new office environments and leading relocation projects. With a long history of producing offices for others, Fuji Business finally created their own dream office, “Studio Be,” in 2019, and TokyoDex was proud to provide the artwork.

“Home” is the theme of Studio Be, and we brought artists Frankie Cihi and Misa Funai to create a homey atmosphere with two art walls and an installation that integrates the use of mirrors. The inside of an arch that resembles a part of a home is covered with Frankie Cihi’s drawings of plants that makes the viewer feel as if they were transported to an intimate space, like sitting in a treehouse. The wooden hallways have traditional Japanese patterns and motifs of buildings, wind, and rain that have a refreshing effect on those who pass through. At reception, a mirror installation by Misa Funai creates an intersection between the viewer’s reflection and an imaginary world in the mirrors. Created under the theme “Paradise,” this installation piques the imagination and is completed by the viewer's presence.

Having art pieces in an office creates a new level of comfort, and we hope that both employees and visitors will be inspired through these creative touches and want to visit Studio Be over and over again.




Nov 2019


Frankie Cihi, Misa Funai

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