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Fuji Business

Dealing with office designs and relocation, Fuji Business is a company that pursues improving efficiency and productivity when creating offices. After producing offices for others, Fuji Business created their own office, Studio Be, where TokyoDex brought artists Frankie Cihi and Misa Funai on to design two wall art murals and an installation that integrates the use of mirrors. “Home” is the theme of the new office. The inside of an arch that resembles a part of a home is covered with Frankie Cihi’s drawings of plants that makes one feel wrapped in a comfortable space, like sitting in a treehouse. The wood-walled hallways have traditional Japanese patterns and motifs of buildings, wind, and rain that refresh those who pass through. At the reception, a mirror installation by Misa Funai with the motif of “Paradise”. The intersection of one’s reflection and an imaginary world of paradise in a mirror, this installation stirs the viewer's imagination and is completed by the viewer's presence. Having art pieces in the office invites employees and visitors to be comfortable as if at home, inspired through creativity, and to create the impression, “I want to come to the office again.”




Nov 2019


Frankie Cihi, Misa Funai

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〒156-0041 東京都世田谷区大原 1-25-4 エタニティ大原2階

1-25-4 Eternity Ohara 2F, Ohara Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0041

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