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Vision Art Workshop

Frontier Consulting Online Vision Art Workshop

TokyoDex held a Vision Art Workshop with office design innovators Frontier Consulting and employees from their four offices across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka) gathered virtually to discuss their corporate values of “Be honest, Keep Growing and Great Days.”

Each employee demonstrated a noteworthy sensitivity when discussing their company values. Some of the ideas expressed in the discussion included, "Similar to plants, honesty needs to be cultivated. The essence of growth is a passion that shines like the sun with a warmth that extends to those around you," and “A great day is when you overcome challenges one by one and have finally reached the door at the end opening for you.” MAHARO envisioned the participants as a dedicated spaceship crew, striving to accomplish a singular mission alongside their own individual goals. With this image in mind, MAHARO incorporated elements of outer space in the final artwork.

Through the Vision Art Workshop, participants gained a common understanding of their corporate values, bolstered their team building skills, and contributed to creating an artwork that embodies the values and ideas they discussed.




Feb 2021



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