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Office Art

Expedia Japan

When leading online travel agency Expedia opened a new office in Roppongi, Tokyo, they asked us to create wall art in a large open space to express their corporate philosophy. The idea was to create a travel-themed work of art that embodied the diversity that Expedia values in which we employed three artists with different styles. Illustrator Mariya Suzuki created a large piece of artwork that makes you feel as if you are traveling around the world, while Shinpei Kashiwabara has created two works of art in the lounge with a Japanese style of painting. Last but not least, Nobumasa Takahashi used his extraordinary design skills to depict tourist destinations from around the world on the windows, then Japanese cities and countryside for the walls.


ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower


July 2016


Shinpei Kashihara、Nobumasa Takahashi、Mariya Suzuki

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