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Vision Art Workshop

EY Japan Osaka Vision Art Workshop

In February 2020, a diverse group of EY Japan employees across departments and functions gathered for a workshop to discuss what values EY members should embrace in order to realize our purpose of "Building a better working world." Some of the things that emerged from the discussion as key elements of building a better society were creating a human connection between people and building a work environment where members look forward to the next day. Diversity and freedom were also identified as key to build a better working world.

The participants created sketches based on these keywords, then the artist used their drawings as inspiration for this finished work of art.

The birds represent freedom. The patterns within the wings of each bird were inspired by different participant drawings and represent diversity, symbols of Osaka, and values unique to the Osaka office. The color variations in the birds show the flow of the workday and represent transformation of both self and society.

The way in which these unique birds fly forward represent EY Osaka members expressing their individuality while progressing in unison towards the future and building a better working world.


Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower


March 2020



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