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Vision Art Workshop

EY Japan Osaka 01

EY Japan, a Big Four audit, accounting and consulting firm, worked with TokyoDex to renew their Osaka office using Kansai-based artists MIZPAM and MOYA.

MIZPAM created a vision wall in the office’s open area, taking in inspiration from a workshop held in the Osaka office where participants found ways to express EY’s purpose, “Building a better working world” through art. For the participants, a better society means that everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, and that there is a connection between all team members. The birds drawn by MIZPAM are a symbol of freedom and the patterns within express diversity, themes inspired from various keywords identified in the workshop.

MOYA was inspired by the breadth of EY Japan’s global network and used the motif of the oceans that connect the world to create a water-inspired wall-art piece for the library. The background of the waves is textured with refined gradation created through various techniques, and the piece gives a variety of impressions depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. A single woven line connects the piece from beginning to end, representing the bonds of the EY team.

These two wonderful artists bring local Osaka humor and vibrancy to the new office space and will surely be a source of motivation for the EY Osaka team.


Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower


March 2020



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