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Vision Art Workshop

EY Japan 02

EY, one of the "Big Four" accounting and largest professional service firms opened a new office in Hibiya Midtown Tokyo in 2018. TokyoDex directed Vision Wall workshop to create wall art that represents the company's value. A diverse group of Japan employees across entities and functions gathered for a workshop to discuss and express our purpose of Building a better working world and our company values through art. Based on the keywords that emerged from the discussion such as diversity, evolution, teamwork, trust, innovation, energy, collaboration and communication, artist Mariya Suzuki and TokyoDex worked together to develop this work of art. The different animals represent EY's diverse teams. On the left, the three streams representing three core values flow into one body of water which guides everyone towards one purpose. The hands of the participants represent collaboration. The lighthouse represents trust, a bright future and working towards a common goal. The puzzle concept represents the many different pieces that are needed to build great teams, and EY’s ongoing innovative process of Building a better working world. Having this special piece as the focal point of a common area where people from multiple departments gather makes it an important conversation piece and a reminder of company values.


Tokyo Midtown Hibiya


Nov 2018


Mariya Suzuki

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