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Wall Art

Arts Maebashi

When the Arts Maebashi Museum opened in Gunma in 2013, TokyoDex was invited to put artwork on the walls of the museum cafe, so we enlisted the help of artist Yuki Nishimura to create a space that would foster self-expression and embrace arts and culture.

Nishimura’s work draws inspiration from Sakutaro Hagiwara, one of Gunma's famous poets, and specifically his poetry collection entitled “Blue Cat.” Hagiwara’s whimsical world is depicted with large animals and plants, which extend and connect seamlessly throughout the wall. Nishimura includes mimetic words from his poetry, such as "tefu tefu tefu" (butterfly wings fluttering) and "yawaa" (a dog barking) to further immerse the viewer into this enigmatic world.

TokyoDex also hosted a workshop where local residents could create their own world on the windows of the cafe using stickers of buildings, people, cars, and animals. Children and adults alike participated in the workshop, inspiring the both TokyoDex team and museum staff with their creativity.


Arts Maebashi Gunma


Oct 2013


Nishimura Yuki

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