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Shiori Maeda

Design Director

Mameko Maeda was born in Tokyo in 1993. After earning her BA in Design Informatics from Musashino Art University, she began working at THE Co. Ltd. as a graphic and display designer. In 2017, she joined the TokyoDex team where her background in art and penchant for “design thinking” has served her well in her roles as an art coordinator and design director. As an artist, Mameko explores the concept of “shojo” which is a unique concept of women in Japan. Since 2012, she has been active in performance and installation art through the unit “Kakumeikurabu,” but currently she is focused on more personal 2D paintings. Her work has been shown both in Japan and around the globe.

Favorite works of art or artists

I am interested in Surrealism and 80s Japanese graphics. My favorite artists are David Altmejd, Jan Švankmajer, Sotatsu Tawaraya, Jakuchu Ito, and Tadanori Yokoo. I also like Japanese manga and anime. Recently I have begun stufying more about traditional crafts around the world.

What is art for you?

Art is something very natural and ordinary in my daily life. Just as we are nurtured physically by food, so are we nurtured mentally and spiritually through interacting with art. I get inspiration not only from paintings, but also from various artistic expressions like space and architectural design, film, photography, music, dance, and nature.

Life Work