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Kristine Kenmochi

Video Production Lead

Kristine Kenmochi comes from a multi-cultural background and speaks both native English and Japanese. Since graduating from London College of Fashion in 2013, she has gained a wide range of experience in both creative and technical fields, ranging from hands-on creation of medical prosthetics to subtitle translation in the UK, US and Japan. Most recently, as translator and editor for a major online media-services provider, Kristine managed multiple projects where she was responsible for maintaining workflow and quality control. At TokyoDex, Kristine leverages both her creative background and project management experience to lead short-term and long-term art-production projects.

Favorite works of art or artists

I like a variety of artists such as Ron Mueck, Chris Ofili and Lorenza Bottner. I love art which utilizes texture and different materials. For me, my favorite works are those that trigger great excitement and a variety of emotions when I first encountered the work.

What is art for you?

To me, art is a powerful existence with unlimited possibilities that makes me feel okay to be myself and gives me a sense of belonging. I believe art is also something that reminds us of the importance of appreciation and open-mindedness. It also acts as a diary for me, because I strongly associate life experiences and memories with the art I come into contact with.

Life Work