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Kanako Tsuchiya


Originally from Nagano, Japan. Kanako holds BA from McGill University. After graduating from university, she returned to Japan and worked as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities, where she was involved in stock and bond issuance and M&A. In 2011, she joined A.Y. Judie, a company founded by her mother. In March 2020, she became the President and CEO of A.Y.Judie. Kanako has been working as an advisor for TokyoDex since October 2020, using her experience and knowledge.

Favorite works of art or artists

I like works with a sense of humor, such as "Vegetable Parinirvana" by Jakuchu Ito and "Little Artisans" by Leonard Fujita. I also find it very satisfying to spend time in places like Dia:Beacon in New York and the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, where the art and the entire space for viewing it is produced.

What is art for you?

Just as food is nourishment for the body, I believe that art is nourishment for the spirit. Looking at great works of art gives me energy, but I also feel that expressing myself in a style and color that I like, without thinking about whether I am good or not, gives me energy from within.

Life Work

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