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Eri Kanda

Art Planner

During her undergraduate studies, Eri focused on culture and language within the field of Sociolinguistics. Before joining the TokyoDex team, Eri worked as an interpreter and staff manager. Outside her professional career, Eri used her skills as a project manager, event organizer, editor and translator to support various grassroots movements promoting diversity in Japan. Through these first hand experiences, Eri has reaffirmed the importance of active involvement and creative thinking within our own communities and society as a whole-- a core value that serves her well as a project manager at TokyoDex.

Favorite works of art or artists

My favorite works of art are those that deliver a message or evoke emotion. Artwork not only lets us look into the minds of the artist but also give us a glimpse into their political, social and private spheres. Artwork can also deliver emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger, irritation or simply confusion.

What is art for you?

Art for me is both an individual and cultural expression. My individual expression of art is through photography. Photography for me is taking the everyday and adding my perspective to make it into a piece of art.

Life Work

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