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Ayako Sakai

Art Planner / Workshop Designer

Ayako Sakai worked in sales, product development and ultimately as a project manager throughout the course of her 4-year tenure at a multinational software company. In 2016, Ayako decided to shift gears and explore her love for art and design. She left her pervious position to enter design school, but after one year of study she decided her talents could be best used supporting the arts rather than practicing them. At TokyoDex, Ayako leverages her diverse background to manage complex, large long-term art-installation projects for clients such as Indeed and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Johnnie Walker.

Favorite works of art or artists

I like the work of artist Mary Blair who worked on concept art for Disney animation. In addition to her colorful and heartwarming works themselves, I admire her as a woman who unapologetically strived in her work life while growing kinds despite the fact that it was harder for women to participate in the workforce.

What is art for you?

Art is something that teaches us to cherish our own uniqueness. When I look at art work together with others, I am often surprised by the differences in our points of view. That is when I feel reassured that people have various experiences and perspectives, so it is natural that I have my own unique expression and way of viewing the world.

Life Work

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