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Mural Rookies Project

Fostering the Next Generation of Mural Artists in Japan

In July 2020, TokyoDex launched the "Mural Rookies Project" to support artists who wanted to try their hand at mural painting but did not have access to large walls, thus fostering the next generation of mural artists in Japan.

In addition to offering a designated “Mural Rookies” wall in our own office, we have since begun relationships with organizations such as Shibuya Area Management Association and The Bed and Art Hotel in order to offer larger walls with greater visibility. TokyoDex also makes sure to document all Mural Rookies paintings in photos and videos to help artists further develop their portfolios and show their artwork to the world.

Mural Rookies Project @SHIBUYA
Public production was made to the temporary enclosure at the east exit of Shibuya Station.

 Mural Rookies @TokyoDex Office
You can see the artwork by Rookies at the entrance of our office.

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