About Us


TokyoDex is a boutique creative agency that specializes in connecting clients with the vast array of artistic talent found throughout Japan. We build custom teams of artists from all fields to provide creative solutions catered for any space, event, or commercial production. From interior design to street activations, TokyoDex injects passion, creativity and excitement into any situation.



Mission Statement

Who we are: TokyoDex is a team of business-minded creatives that believe in the power of art to transform spaces and enhance people’s lives.
What we do: We strive to provide our clients with a customized aesthetic experience that both reflects and strengthens their vision and branding.
Why we do it: We believe art is an inherently valuable part of the community, and we are dedicated to helping artists earn a living so they can continue to do the amazing work only they can do.



Our Team

Founder / Creative Director

Daniel Harris Rosen is a bilingual creative director based in Tokyo, with over 25 years of experience in the Japanese arts scene. Originally a visual artist himself, he is also a curator, VJ, film director, and an art writer for The Japan Times & Redbull Japan’s Culture Blog.

Daniel first formally studied art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and went on to earn his MFA at Tama Art University in Tokyo. In 2006 while still a student, he joined the nascent artist collective Rinpa Eshidan which exploded into an Internet sensation, garnering over 120 millions collective hits on YouTube. Through his time with Rinpa Eshidan, he gained experience handling commercial work from corporate clients such as KIDDI, Youtube, MINI Cooper, McDonalds Japan, etc. Meanwhile, Daniel also pursued his own artistic career in contemporary art, exhibiting and selling his artwork worldwide at venues including the Honolulu Museum of Fine Art and Art Fair Taipei.

In 2010, after earning his PhD in fine arts from Tama Art University, he founded TokyoDex, a multifaceted creative agency that encompasses all of his artistic endeavors. Daniel’s creative vision, extensive network in the Japanese art community, understanding of the Japanese culture and international standards of business make him a highly sought creative director for exciting art-based projects in Tokyo and around the globe.



Artist / Designer

California-born Japanese-American artist Jay Horinouchi graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 2006. He worked independently as an artist and designer in Los Angeles for 4 years before he moved to Japan in 2010 looking for a new creative environment. After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Jay moved to Miyagi Prefecture where he acted as a volunteer leader for over a year and a half. In 2013, he teamed with D.H. Rosen to cofound the “Tohoku Artist Caravan,” a volunteer project designed to revitalize disaster-afflicted areas through art. Today he continues to work with TokyoDex as a designer and art director both on the Artist Caravan project as well as myriad other endeavors.



Organizational Development Advisor

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Brent brings over 15 years of business and management consulting experience to the TokyoDex team. He specialized in business process optimization for Deloitte Consulting in Tokyo and also spent several years with People Focus Consulting, a boutique consulting firm in Tokyo, working with many Fortune 500 clients on leadership, strategy and organizational development challenges. Brent now does freelance corporate governance and organizational development advisory work in both the non-profit and private sectors. Brent has a BA from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Thunderbird/AGSIM.